Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for such a great tour! It has been a minute since i made it through the southeast, and the last time through there seemed to be a bit of resistance to what i was doing at the time. I felt such an enormous amount of love and support this time through, and I’m trying to figure out how to make it happen again sooner than later. Much love to the amazing Kullen Fuchs for making such a glorious noise! Jodie Jones Eisenhardt and Mishell Kneeland have been so generous with their time and resources! Thanks to all of our friends that worked the merch in each tow. Thanks to all the venues that let us do our thing, and mostly thanks to you guys for listening and believing. Amanda Case for putting the tour together. It is never lost on me, the joy of being able to play music for you


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SEP6 The Family Wash / Garage Coffee Nashville, TN Wed 8:30 PM CDT The Family Wash / Garage Coffee Nashville, TN SEP7 The Southgate House Revival Newport, KY Thu 8 PM EDT The Southgate House Revival N