SXSW yeah yes yvess, and all that follows

Love to all of you that we saw. It’s really a blur, but i do know that we played more shows than i ever have before. Lots of old friends, saw a couple of cool new bands, and did our part to save our little corner of the rock n roll world.

So, here we are, both of us lonely..Why don’t you come over here and let me tell you a secret!! So many shows, all over the place:

April 15 Ian playing Seattle Triple Door with Delines(portland sUpEr band) and Scott McCaughy(Portland SuPerMan) May 14 Ian and Coils playing San Francisco, Thee Parkside May 15 Ian and the Coils playing Hipnic(Mother Hips, Flamin Groovies, Jonathan Wilson) May 17 Ian and the Coils playing Tacoma guitar fest

Ian is doing a duo acoustic tour(with the Devlish Kullen) going up to the Fairfest(6/20) in Fairfield, Ia as well as playing Little Rock, Chicago, St. Louis, Wichita.

Ian then joins the Coils for a short Texas(play Lousiana) tour. dates posted

Plus…3 unreleased records! yup, 3 damn records.. soul, funk, psychedelic rock. We will try to find a way to get it out!!!


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