Songwriting workshops Sept 11-13 Sept 18-20!

We are a month away from our workshop series that we will be holding in Driftwood, Tx Sept 11-13, and Sept 18-20.

We still have a few slots open for both: The first(beginning) doesn’t have any more lodging, but there are many local options, and for local folks it’s a short drive from Austin or San Antonio. Our second weekend(advanced) has lodging available.

We will be diving into all facets of songwriting. We will cover the basics of form, structure, harmonic and melodic constructs. We will be analyzing some of the great songs and picking out what made them so. We will be looking into how to unlock those doors in your own writing to maximize the power of your imagery and connection to listeners. I will be spending quite a bit of one on one time with each participant, as well as utilizing my amazing team of folks to make sure we can get each person to come out with some new angles and techniques that work well for their own path. This is going to be a fun, educational, and rejuvenating weekend. In addition to the learning, we have amazing food(you will be quite spoiled), yoga/relaxation teaching, end of day movies in an amazing home theater, and Sunday ‘song circle’ performances at the Cyprus Creek Cafe. We look forward to seeing you there!


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