Get the new EP and come see us on tour!!!

So proud of the new EP, the Noble Art, which is a collection of soul covers(including my own Satisfied) that i recorded with my good friends Bukka Allen, JJ Johnson, and George Reiff. Check it out here:

We are doing a west coast run behind the EP, and would love it if you could make it out!! These are all facebook links, so share if you will-We’ll see you out there!

9/23 Tyler,TX 9/24 Bryan, Tx 9/28 Lubbock, TX 9/29 Amarillo, TX 9/30 Santa Fe, NM 10/1 Denver, CO 10/3 Aspen, CO 10/5 Reno, NV 10/6 Redding, CA 10/7 SF, CA 10/8 Sacramento, CA 10/9 Felton(Santa Cruz) CA 10/11 Fresno, CA 10/12 LA, CA 10/13 Phoenix, AZ 10/14 Tucson, AZ 10/15 Albuquerque, NM 10/19 Abilene, TX 10/20 Dallas, TX 10/21 Houston, TX 10/22 Austin, TX


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