Thanks to everyone (outside of the crackhead who busted our window) for making the midwest acoustic run so great!
A day before we head out with the Coils, I wanted to post a bit about the workshops I’m heading this fall.
You can check them out here:
I’m heading two weekends of intensive songwriting/music workshops in September. The first weekend is a more basic take, with the second being more advanced. We’re gonna cover quite a bit on the nuts and bolts of song construction, but I’m also really looking forward to discussing the space of writing-how to get there, how to maximize your time, and how to get your body and mind to cooperate to allow you to balance the two out.
The accommodations are going to be fabulous! My friend Jodie is one of the most amazing chefs i know, and she will be providing meals and accoutrements. You will eat better than you ever have, and spend a long weekend in the Texas Hill Country. I’m hoping it’s both rejuvenating and inspiring for all involved!
Can’t wait.
I’m including a song from my last EP, Aerie (below).
One of the things that I want to get into is how disparate form can be and how the prose you use really helps to define that. This song was written as a nod to Guy Clark, and the imagery is terse and simple, but loaded to set up the refrain. The second verse steps out of the more literal into a more surreal space: “I opened the door and i let in the breeze … and it spoke to me still of the heart and it’s cost. I tried to appeal, my intentions were clean, but as i was speaking i knew i had lost.” The wind itself become a cruel teacher on the mysteries that can’t be found in the communications with the spurned lover and it imbues the narrative with a mystery and gravity that I think increase the dimension of the chorus.